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Ko Phi Phi Islands

Koh Phi PhiRegarded by travelers from all walks of life as being among the most beautiful tropical islands of the world, Phi Phi Islands have become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Thailand. In addition, the islands are famous as the location where the movie "The Beach" featuring Leonardo Di Caprio was shot. The islands, together with the nearby Noppharat  Thara Beach, a total area of 390 square kilometers, were recently established as a national park.

Phi Phi Islands are located just 40 kilometers away from both Krabi and Phuket. Thus, despite the fact that both Noppharat Thara Beach and Phi Phi administratively are a part of Krabi Province, most tourists think that Ko Phi Phi is part of Phuket Province.
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Koh Lanta National Park (Koh Lanta Island)

Covering a total area of 152 square kilometres, Mu Koh Lanta National Park is located in Amphoe Koh Lanta and consists of many islands. Some major islands are Koh Lanta Yai, Koh Lanta Noi, Koh Talangbeng, as well as, other surrounding islands like Mu Ko Ha, Mu Ko Rok, and Ko Ngai.  Read More

Koh Talabeng (Talabeng)

This is a limestone island similar to Ko Phi Phi Le with numerous small and attractive beaches and caves that are clearly visible during low tide. Another attraction is the swallows that can be seen on the island. To the north features Ko Phi, which is an ideal spot for canoeing.

Mu Koh Poda (Poda Island)

Situated south of Ao Nang, 8 kilometres offshore, Mu Ko Poda is fringed by clear waters, and offers white sandy beaches, as well as, pristine coral reefs. This is why it is a year-round attraction and an excellent place for fishing because it is not affected so much by the monsoon. Mu Ko Poda can be reached within 25 minutes by boat from Ao Nang. Many noteworthy islands like Ko Thap, Ko Mo, Ko Hua Khwan, and Ko Kai are situated nearby. A beautiful sandy beach, connecting these islands, is visible at low tide.

Ko Rok

This attraction is actually comprised of two islands:

Ko Rok Nai - This is where the Mu Ko Lanta National Park’s Ranger Station is located. Ko Rok Nai is an island that is mostly steep cliffs. To the east, it offers a beach and unspoiled coral reefs among rocks. Laem Thong and Ao San Chao are to the north. Ko Rok Nai offers white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and is still very intact. Nature trails are available, where tourists can enjoy the exercise and various species of plants. A camping ground is available. Contact Mu Ko Lanta National Park, Tel. 0 7562 9018 – 9, Fax. 0 7568 4153.

Ko Rok Nok - Ko Rok Nok is full of soft white sandy beaches and coral reefs in shallow water in the southeast and the south. Hat Thalu and Ao Man Sai are situated at the end of the island.

To get there: Rent a boat from Pak Meng Pier, which takes about 3 - 4 hours. Alternatively, take the speed boat from Ko Lanta. Contact tour operators, resorts or bungalows on Ko Lanta Yai.

Remarks: Since Ko Rok is quite far, trips by a long-tail boat is not recommended, especially during bad weather.

Koh Hai

This small island has a long sandy beach in the east and unspoiled shallow water coral reefs at the beachfront. The island is accessible by taking a ferry and a chartered boat from Pak Meng Pier, Trang province.

Koh Ha (Five Island)

An archipelago of five islands, Ko Ha Yai is where shallow water coral reefs are located.

Koh Hong

Mu Ko Hong consists of a group of limestone islands including Ko Lao or Ko Sa Ka, Ko Lao Riam, Ko Pakka, Ko Lao La Ding and Ko Hong or Ko Lao Li Pe which is the biggest island to the south. The attractions on these islands include fine beaches, shallow and deep-water coral reefs and various kinds of fish while popular activities include snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, sea-canoeing and nature studies on the 400-meter hiking trail around Ko Hong. Mu Ko Hong is located at the edge of the Than Bok Khorani National Park, and is accessible by a 1-hour boat trip from Ao Nang.

The park entrance fee is 200 baht per person with an additional fee of 20 baht per person for camping on the island.

Source: Information by Tourism Authority of Thailand